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Ms. Stokley & Ron Clark
Essential 55 Classroom

The Leader in Me is a whole-school transformation model that acts like the operating system of a computer—it improves the performance of all other programs. Based on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The Leader in Me equips students with the self-confidence and skills they need to thrive in the 21st-century economy.


What would be possible if your school were filled with students who were responsible, who showed initiative, who were creative, who knew how to set goals and meet them, who got along with people of various backgrounds and cultures, and who could resolve conflicts and solve problems?


This is reality at Leader in Me schools like Neil Armstrong Elementary School like Neil Armstrong Elementary School.

7-Habits Classroom

Home of the Positive Astros




I have been teaching in private, and public education, in Charlotte County for 14 years.  I currently hold a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership degree from FGCU along with my BA in Elementary Education.     I am also certified in ESE, ESOL and I am Reading Endorsed. I am a very proud CHS alumni.


Math and science are my favor subjects to teach and hopefully your student will gain a love for these two topics if they have not already. 


I have lived in Charlotte County, Florida for 25 years.  I am originally from NJ, about 20 minutes from Philaelphia,  and still have many family members there.  I am a proud cargeiver for my 82 year old father who has Alzheimer's Disease.  We recently lost my beloved mother to Cancer in October 2013 and I was very grateful to my school family for their support. 


I am also the proud owner of a corgi named Dexter who the kids may hear me talk about from time to time.


I am an nature girl and enjoy the outdoors of florida.  I am an avid boater and enjoy spending time on the water with my friends.  I also love to read for pleasure, play video games, enjoy time by the pool and geocaching. 


Some of my favorite things include dolphins, the Philadelphia Phillies, and playing Yahtzee and scrabble with friends.

I love my job at Neil Armstrong Elementary School and love to give back by organizing events and programs for students and families. 


I have helped with such programs as Nuggets of Knowledge, Safety Patrol, NSU, Science Fair and Family Science Night. 

What I do at NAES?

The winner of the 2001 Disney Teacher of the Year Award presents some revolutionary ideas for the classroom: manners, industriousness and accountability. Many of the 55 rules Clark outlines read, at first, like excerpts from a 1950's primer: "If you are asked a question in conversation, you should ask a question in return," says Rule 6; stand to the right on escalators, insists Rule 43; and rule 29 includes 26 sub-rules about polite eating. Clark may seem like a bit of a fussbudget, but closer examination shows his rules go beyond simple politeness: they promote respect for self and others, and help foster a mature and responsible way of living in the world.

Mission Statement

Ms. Stokley will cultivate intellectual and emotional growth by creating a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success in a safe, orderly, caring, and supportive environment.  Ms. Stokley will foster a positive work ethic, to create an environment that harbors tolerance and respect for each other, and to spark an attitude of inquiry and an enthusiasm for learning that will enable our children to become productive, responsible, citizens.





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